The company has grown from its basic trading strengths in various product groups comprising :

    • Steel & Metals : MS Billets, Deformed Bars, Angles / Channels, Plates, HR and CR coils, Non Ferrous, Metals , Metal Scrap, Steel Tubes, Oil Pipes , Metal Strapping, Aluminized pipes for Exhaust and mufflers in Automobile industry, Aluminum ingots, Stainless steel sheets and HR and CR coils etc.
    • Engineering/ Industrial Products : Auto Parts/ Spares Valves, General Machinery's & Equipment, Petroleum Products : HSD , Kerosene, Fuel Oils, Asphalt, Bulk Items : Coal, Fertilizers, Industrial Salt and engineering products.
    • Agri Commodities : Pulses/ Lentils, Wheat, Wheat Flour, Raw Cashewnut, Groundnuts, Copra, Cocoa, Maize, Coffee, Tea, Animal Feeds/ Proteins and minerals, OilCakes, feed supplements, and Raw cotton, Dry fruits like cashew kernel , Spices, Canned food products, spices of all kinds from turmeric, black pepper, anise flower, cassia etc.
    • Agrochemicals : suppy fo all kind techincals, formulations, fertilizers, organic and inorganic compounds, seeds , sprayers and agricultural farming equipments.
    • Industrial chemicals: supply of Soda ash, caustic soda, petrochemicals, and other chemicals, Dyestuffs and Industrial Chemicals, Solvents etc.
    • Pharmaceuticals/ : Suppy of API, Bulk Drugs, Formulations of all kinds, Medical Consumables / Accessories, Surgical Instruments and hospital equipments and manufacturing machines
    • Consumer Products : Wide Range of Branded Non- Durable ( viz. beverages, edible oils, soaps ,etc.) Durable, Leather Products, Electronic, Home appliances / Office Automation items, Luggage, PP woven bags, Shopping PE bags etc.
    • Textile Products and apparels : All kinds of Textiles, Sewing Thread, Yarns (cotton, Polyester, Viscose ) Textiles machinery & parts, Silicon softeners, textile chemicals etc and also undertake all kinds of Garments exports.
    • Machinery: We supply complete turnkey projects for PP woven saks, Cement bags, Geo Fabrics, Jumbo bags, Complete from Extrusion to Looms to laminations, cutting/stiching and printing machine.